Operating System
Windows 10
Infection date and initial symptoms
19/5/2019 pop up saying my computer is "infecte"
Current issues and symptoms
same as above
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
installed many malware removal software. none of them have found anything.
System logs
I did not upload the FRST.txt logs


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I have just spent the last few hours trying different malware removing software, to no avail. None of them can detect this issue, yet it keeps popping up. I don't know what to do. How would I get rid of it. Someone please help. I can't stand this.
'Update. May be something with browser notifications????? But I looked, it's not there and is still happening??????'
Am keeping my computer on to see if it's still happening. Will keep updating...
Here is what It's pop-up looks like (Bottom right-hand corner):


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