Which one of the following?

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2nd opinion scanner does not have BB, FW.

Recommended are MBAM and EEK. both free and can clean th system. NPE is ok but usually irrelevant when you have used MBAM and EEK. HP, ZAM and HitmanPro are perhaps mainly used to do a "3rd or 4th" scan but usually also irrelevant.

Not to say MBAM and EEK are 100% failsafe proof, but yeah, those two are most recommended.

None provide any level of protection, unless you chose such option by mistake.

in terms of system impact, both function fairly well and not a high CPU and I/O. EDIT: that from a mid range system upwards.

On low end, you will notice quite some system impact in regards to any of the above used specially when scanning the full hard drive and cleaning infections.
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware = Good detection and removal, less false positives.
Norton Power Eraser = Very good detection and it's amazing at finding new threats.

If a product can be used in safe mode / offline it's a big plus for me.
I use Comodo Cleaning Essential for cleaning and removing most of the time. From time to time I use Dr.Web too.


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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, if you ask professionals who work in IT or people who teach IT they almost always say that Malwarebytes is their go to for scanning and removal of malware, just about every PC repair tech has Malwarebytes on his flash drive toolkit.


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Emsisoft Emergency Kit > Zemana Anti Malware > Norton Power Eraser > Malwarebytes > others. The reason i pick Emsisoft Emergency Kit is because it uses Bitdefender signature + Emsisoft signature so detection is going to beast and it able to detect older malwares as well, and it ways better than Norton Power Eraser because majority of peoples know that Norton signature aren't that great, but it get the job done, and it have less false positive compare to Zemana which uses multiple engines. Now here come the fun part is Malwarebytes Anti Malware, as well we all knows that Malwarebytes Anti Malware is great as a second opinion scan and additional layer protection to your antivirus, but let me tell you that Malwarebytes Anti Malware WILL NOT DETECT OLDER MALWARE LIKE 30 DAYS AGO OR 1 MONTH. Malwarebytes Anti Malware were designed to catch wild zero day threats but not older malware that are already seen a month ago.


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I use Malwarebytes and Hitman pro most of the times. Herdprotect is also one of my favorites, because it scans with almost every possible engine. When your computer is badly infected I always suggest to try Norton Power Eraser.


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There is no best, although cloud scanners usually have multiple engines to pull in the extra votes.

My preferred choice is Other, ESET Online Scanner, but it requires an permanent Internet connection.

EEK or Malwarebytes with updates, may be good for an offline system.


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EEK - user-friendly and fast + it's portable!!
ZAM - multiple engines + light resources + option to turn on/off real-time + it's portable too!!

These two are my to-go scanner in all my thumbdrive. I won't go out without them.


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People seem to have missed this newbie: 9-lab MRT but it's new and has some false detections,like to play around with it.
My preferred on demand second opinion scanners: ZAM Pro,MBAM Free and HerdProtect(Online scanners)
Dr.WebCureIt!,eScan toolkit MWAV,Microsoft Safety Scanner(Offline USB)


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For daily usage why not go to Multi engine scanner first, of course expect FP rates due to environmental establish signatures that were retrieve from 3rd party. (Hitman Pro and Zemana)

In terms of careful removal capabilities you may use Dr.Web CureIT, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, and Norton Power Eraser however better intended on infected environment.

MBAM is still relevant until now as it can provide good detection and numerous feature but not for SAS. (rather pick Reason Security as alternative)


Overall I cannot tell which one is the best, better use them as possible if you feel unsafe and infected.