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Excerpt from article:

"ASUS Republic of Gamers teased what could possibly be a collaboration or broader strategic partnership with home furnishings giant IKEA for gaming-grade furniture. We imagine this could see ASUS ROG and IKEA design everything from gaming-grade chairs to couches, to desks, tables, or even knick knacks such as peripheral stands. ASUS could leverage IKEA's vast network of stores, coupled with its expertise in furniture packaging. ASUS did not elaborate on this teaser besides a "coming soon" disclaimer. The catchphrase "Welcome Gaming Home" is also teased. We also know this isn't a regional collaboration since it's teased by the global Twitter handle of ASUS ROG."

Like for example: ROGHoghem: a place to store your alcoholic beverage of choice while engrossed in Cyberpunk2077. Yes, I can see it now. :ROFLMAO:


Comments following are worth a look also.:D


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I get the impression that many of the products at IKEA are modest and simple. If it was furniture for such a pc, I might consider buying it.


It's a digression. I am convinced that many Japanese people operate their PCs in this way. In other words, you need a chair exclusively for Japan.:)