Operating System
Windows 10
Infection date and initial symptoms
I think it was Wednesday. Warframe(before first reset) controlling itself.
Current issues and symptoms
Pc control itself.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
Scans with avg malwarebytes and Norton all logs of which are lost.
System logs
Yes, I've uploaded the FRST.txt logs
Yes, I've uploaded both FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs
Yes and I've also uploaded logs from other scans that I've performed


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I got infected with malware a few days ago that even stole my gmail account I have since gotten all that back. And I thought that I was safe as malwarebytes detected it and quarantined and then did no other find anything else. Neither did avg, then my pc started moving it's own cursor and typing on it's own alt tabbing and pretty much doing whatever it could. It actively makes using any antivirus or installing any new antivirus software difficult but not impossible I have cleaned chrome sync and everything and one of the latest infections after having factory reset I installed chrome(prior had reset all the data on my sync and even the chrome profile) ,steam particularly the game warframe. I had the same thing happen this time controlling the game I had to fight to sign out and then fight to change password. After that I immediately factory reset(my data was already gone so at this point resetting was not much of a hassle.) Following this reset I literally only installed origin and dragon age inquisition before shortly after experiencing the same thing in an offline game. I am starting to.suspect it's not malware because every time I scan during this attack or right after a reset. I get nothing this goes for Norton avg and malwarebytes. The only reason I have not bought a license at this point for 24hr support is my bank is shipping a new card and I dont have it yet.

Symptoms are literally full control over my pc. It also does not have a set time schedule. Sometimes I am good for a bit others it happens right at the windows log in screen.