Troubleshoot Post Upgrade Data Recovery Software Wanted


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Mar 14, 2018
Hi All,
I hope I am posting in the right place for this.
My pc engineer upgraded my pc from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
In my haste I failed to manually back up all my gear.
He himself said he did image back ups.
Various assurances and promises later of me getting my pc back within a day has met with different excuses.
He has gone bust now but I have my pc without my old videos and pictures.

He told me the software he used is a very expensive one costing £700 if I was after one.
Obviously I said no cos this is not something I do as a business.
He told me I have a lot of data on my pc - over 300GB. It would take a couple of days to recover my data.
The software he uses cuts up my pc into little chunks and puts them back piece by piece with any interruptions rendering the recovery as incomplete.

I want to know what that software is please - he wouldn't tell me.
Trade secret I guess.

He was able to recover my data in a similar way from my second laptop post failed upgrade - Samsung laptop.

What I want is software I can use to recover data that was failed to be recovered post Windows upgrade.
Even if this means leaving my pc on for two days 24hrs.
It is there somewhere.
And in my pictures is confidential information - you know like if you don't want it to be known hide it in a book thing.



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Jan 8, 2011
Sounds dodgy to me.

I'm certain they are not supposed to take system image copies of your personal data, as most will usually ask you to do this before sending your PC away. Are you able to get the system image copies of your data back from them?

If your files contain private-confidential information, does that not concern you?
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Nov 7, 2016
Try Easeus software!! Partition Master and/or data recovery might help. But before making decision, take more opinions from members here at MT and do more research. I have not used Easeus for formatted data but on website it says it does support recovering that also.
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