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Oct 23, 2012
The following guidelines should be used when posting and or replying to threads in the Security News forum.

  1. Before posting a news article please Search the forum for similar articles to verify that it has not been previously posted. Some sources post similar articles later than other sources.
  2. Please Read the entire article prior to posting it as this will also help in identifying if it has been previously posted.
  3. The news article which you are posting requires a reputable Source link.
  4. No source link should be a direct download to any file whether or not it is legitimate and contained within the article.
  5. News articles which are or can become sources of Political, Religious or other similar debates should be avoided and those deemed so will be closed and removed from public view.
  6. When posting a news article the first two or three paragraphs are usually enough to interest the reader and the rest of the article should be placed in quote tags.
  7. Images can be included in quote tags if they have any relevance to the quoted article. For example; a diagram explaining a process.
  8. Post Security-related articles as some articles, although newsworthy, can be posted in other sub-forums such as Technology or Hardware News.
  9. If possible Apply a prefix to the article and if unsure post it without a prefix.
  10. The rules of the forum apply to this forum also particularly Foul Language.
    • Every member should know this by now and there is no excuse for this. If it is continued the members using foul language will be warned and banned from replying to this forum.
    • All news topic require moderator approval, therefore it is not necessary to cross-post elsewhere in the forums.
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Jan 8, 2011
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