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Introducing PC Security Configuration Wizard 2018
VERSION 1.0 IN 2011
VERSION 2.0 IN 2014
VERSION 2.5 IN 2015
VERSION 3.0 IN 2016
VERSION 3.1 IN 2017
VERSION 2018 FOR 2018

What's New and Improved?
  • New: All desktop/laptop security threads created after 1st of January, 2017 will receive a security-level status.
  • Improved: Form-filling experience.
What's changed for 2018?
  • The security-level badges covers a wider range, from the unsafe "Risk: Danger" configs to the most comprehensive "Secure: Complete" configs.

What is the Security Configuration Wizard?

Users can create their own, individual security threads to share their computer systems' security, and receive feedback on areas to improve or what to change.​
Bonus: Valid use for your own entry into our Official Giveaways, as maintained by @BoraMurdar and @Exterminator

Getting Started

All members are required to post under the Security Configuration Wizard only, to share and ask questions about their own security setup.​

Members are advised to keep a single active topic for their current security config, per year. Users can edit and update their threads, following this guide:​
If your thread was created after 1st of January 2017, simply update the existing thread. Otherwise create a new config thread.

What should I call my security thread?

Please include your Username in the thread titles. This is helpful to everyone involved and makes it's easier to find your security setup thread using search. For example: Spawn's Security Config 2018
Do not use "My Config".

Future Updates
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New Guideline for Security Configuration Wizard for Desktop - starting today, 14th Feb. 2017
  • Members are advised to create ONE thread every 12 months.
  • Multiple threads created within 12 months will be removed or merged without notification, as deemed appropriate.
If your thread was created on or before 31st December will be moved to the Archive and will lose their status (Secure, Risky etc). Create a new thread.
If your thread was created on or after 1st January will not be moved. Update your existing thread.


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What's New for 2018?
  • As previously announced, we have a new theme and that means a re---fresh.
  • We have updated the form-filling experience, but for most parts it should be the same.
  • Radio buttons are back.
  • Less is more? We have gained an additional Security-Indicator badge, but they're categorized as either Risk or Secure. Simple enough, right? 2 + 2 = 4. (Note: the Secure [Staff] badge are assigned to Staff threads only).
    • Risk; Danger and Moderate
    • Secure; Basic and Complete
  • All PC SCW threads older than 12 months have been archived. The SCW Archive cannot be edited and are locked.
  • Field format: Most recent changes
    • Click the calendar to pick a date, or edit to a previous day. Acceptable format is YYYY/MM/DD
  • Field: Operating systems
    • More choices; macOS Beta, Insider Preview, ChromeOS, Other OS options
  • Field: UAC
    • Added extra details
  • Field: Device firewall
    • More choices for 3rd-party apps with added details
  • Field: Device security
    • More options
  • Field: User account
    • Who cares if you use a Microsoft Account to login. Changed choices so they are security-focused.
  • Field: Recent security issues
    • Changed the timeline options
  • Field: Security testing with malware
    • Better options for those who deal with malware
  • Field: Real-time web and malware protection
    • Rephrased description to make it easier to understand
  • Field: Security protection settings
    • Better options for those tweaking security software
  • Field: Virus and malware removal tools
    • Rephrased description to replace "On-demand scanners". It's become apparent that on-demand scanners are being replaced by more aggressive scanners for stubborn or lesser known malware.
  • Field: Browsers and extensions
    • Multi-line text box to allow users list all their browsers and extensions
  • Field: Web privacy
    • Rephrased description to replace "Content Blockers". More users have Ad-blockers at a higher level than their browsers.
  • Field: Password management
    • Optional, for those concerned about their security
  • Field: Default web search
    • Optional, for those concerned about their privacy
  • Field: System utilities collection
    • Forget frequency, just list all the PC maintenance tools you use
  • Field: Personal data backup
    • Multi-line text box
  • Field: Intervals between personal data backups
    • Changed the timeline options
  • Field: Disk imaging backup
    • Multi-line text box
  • Field: Intervals between system image backups
    • Changed the timeline options
  • Field format: Device specs
As a reminder to all members;
  1. Forum rules apply: Use appropriate English and formatting styles. Large fonts and capitals are not acceptable.
  2. Moderators may edit your thread to change the Security-Indicator badge.
  3. Try and keep your own thread up-to-date with accurate information. Minor changes don't always need a thread bump.
  4. Got a question about your set-up? Just ask in-thread and someone will reply. No need to make a new topic about it.
  5. If your thread has been sent to the SCW Archive, create a new one with your username and year in the title.
  6. If you get a new computer, just change the old information with the new. No need to create multiple threads.
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