Built on/Last upgrade on
Estimated Price ($)
Operating System
Windows 10 Enterprise
Manjaro Linux
CPU (Processor)
Intel i7 5820k, not overclocked
Memory (RAM)
16GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX 2666 MHz
GPU (Graphics Card)
MSI GeForce-GTX-1070-ARMOR-8G-OC
System M.2: 250GB Samsung 960 Evo
Linux SSD: 128GB Samsung 950 Pro
Fast storage SSD: 250GB Kingston
HDD 1: 3TB WD Red Pro
HDD 2: 1TB WD Blue
HDD 3: 500GB WD Blue
HDD 4: 1TB Hitachi
Power Supply
Corsair TX 750W (year 9 and counting...)
Monitor (Display)
LG 29UM58-P IPS 2560x1080
Keyboard and Mouse
Asus Strix Tactic Pro | Cherry MX Black
Logitech G602
CPU Cooler: CM Nepton 280
Computer protection
Kaspersky IS 2019

Predrag Radjenovic

Level 2
Well, I updated my GPU, from MSI R9 270 (What a card!) to MSI GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC. Caught it by chance at a great price - €390,- (Right now it's around €470 in Belgrade if you're lucky). Unfortunately, I'm so busy with work, that I haven't tested it extensively in games yet. I screwed around though with DeusEx: Mankind Divided on Ultra settings without a problem, smooth like a butter (At least untill I get a new monitor that is).

What is important, btw: If you plan to upgrade to a Pascal card, and are by chance using a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB - you better prepare for a darn ordeal. It turns out that you can't install the drivers if your OS build version is older than 1607 and that piece of info is almost nowhere to be found unless you specifically search for it - and you wont, not before you actually get in a dumb situation. So have in mind that you'll need to reinstall your OS from the ground up (despite that some forums suggest otherwise). It doesn't work upgrading it from the OS, update doesn't exist on LTSB, extracting the driver setup files and tinkering doesn't yield sh.t (sorry for the profanity). Apparently, a HWID component is different in new version somehow, and that's the reason for all of the above (didn't have time to delve deeper into actual difference).

In my case, what supposed to be a simple card & driver swap turned into a full system reinstall, together with all the software (and I was up to my neck with deadlines), setting up junctions from my SSD again (hate that part), and of course - security setup and tightening. This card better be worth the trouble.

In day to day work, in my not so well ventilated case, idle temps are at around 40°C, under heavy load around 65°C (custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner). I wont overclock it, I occasionally play games, but still have to test it in CUDA environment (3D rendering). Drivers are obviously sometimes a pain to update (GeForce Experience can glitch sometimes, a re-install and update helps).

We'll see how it fares from now on. Sorry for the long rant. :)


Level 12
Thanks for sharing, I think with your setup you can tear thru most games with the 1070. My favorite driver for nVidia was 368.89, Since I play BF1, I have no choice but to upgrade to the latest drivers, its still a driver pinata as new ones comes out hotfixing one another.