Q&A Privacy oriented download managers?


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Nov 8, 2016
There are plenty of topics here about necessity of download managers (DM) and wich one is better. I've been testing some, including FDM, XDM and Downthemall, and reading about some others like IDM.

From those i've tested FDM is the easiest and more friendly but FDM Privacy Policy (PP) is not very clear as you can see:

all or part of information submitted by your direct or indirect access or use of service will be used to serve content on our Services along with personalized ads.

Considering it use an extension that have access to all your web browsing, this not a good thing. XDM would be a great option, but I noticed that their PP was copied from IDM (as you can see here: XDM-PP and IDM-PP), so i'm not sure about how trusty they are.

So, what do you think? Any good DM with decent PP?