Q&A Problems loading some pages


Level 2
Jun 1, 2019
For those who are having problems with some pages for example the Globo.com page here in Brazil is an example of the problem, there may be other sites.

fiDQwxX - Imgur.png

This BUG has been going on since the beginning of April.

I contacted the Kaspersky technical support area and was instructed to do the following: With the browsers closed.

1 - On the main screen of your Kaspersky, click on the gear button (Settings) at the bottom left of the screen.

2 - In the Protection item, scroll to the right to the Antibanner option

3 - Click on the Filter List option

4 - In the Recommended item, turn off the Portuguese option (your default language in this case) - additional filtering rules to block banner on Portuguese websites

5 - Click the OK button, Save button, Yes button

6 - Close all windows.

It is advisable to clear cookies and browsing history in browsers.

The problem is not with the globo.com website, Kaspersky's Antibanner system is WRONG identifying the images from the globo.com portal, as advertisements, which is not true, and the images are eliminated from view.

I did a test here and everything is working ok now, including blocking the advertisements.

Perhaps this tip is useful for someone.

Hug to everyone ;)