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MINOR PRODUCT UPDATE: for Norton Internet Security 2012 and Norton AntiVirus 2012 is Now Available
To receive the update, simply run LiveUpdate and download the update. A reboot will be required once the update is applied.

To verify you have the update, launch the Main User Interface, click on Support, and select About. The version number of the new release is
4. What are the changes in this release? contains only minor changes. These changes are focused around our Online Platform and Norton Confidential/Norton Toolbar and include:
- Corrected an issue where Product Name/Version was not properly passed through when navigating online help.
- Correct an issue with "Failed to login to your Norton Account" may display erroneously.
- Improved Norton Toolbar/NCO Functionality with Google Chrome.
- Fixed Sync issues with Norton Management and the Norton Product.
- Corrected an issue where Identity Safe may force you to change your password after an elapsed period of time.


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Thanks for the notice, maybe the update also was included about other issue posted by users in their forum.


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Symantec said:
Another Note:

This patch is necessary to prepare your Norton 2012 Product for the upcoming Firefox 7 compatibility update that we will release to Norton Products at a future date.
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The patch is delivered through the Live Update system so everyone should get it with no problems.


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Same here, I've just upgraded to 2012 a few hours before getting this update. All I can say is - Symantec seems to be the standard for streamlined, fast and efficient upgrade, I know now they've spoiled me badly in my future expectations of what an upgrade process should be :). Downloaded the full 2012 installer [110 MB] in about 5 minutes, another 3 to install - wow!
Then updated to - running smooth.