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Curious what Surface Duo was like when it was a Windows device? Wonder no more.

Here at Windows Central, we've been following Microsoft's Surface Duo project for quite some time. We first wrote about Microsoft's dual-screen pocket PC efforts under the codename Andromeda in 2017, and I had started hearing about the project a considerable time before then. It was initially going to be a Windows device, and kickstart Microsoft's mobile efforts with a brand new, modern version of Windows explicitly built for this new form factor.

Of course, this never happened. The Surface Duo we have today is an Android device, and Microsoft says that it went with Android because it's the right choice for the form factor. While true, it's certainly not what Microsoft had intended to do in the beginning. It came to this conclusion only after trying and failing to bring to life a new, ambitious version of Windows designed for a dual-screen pocket PC.

I'm frequently asked about what this era of Surface Duo's development was like. So, here's what I know, based on conversations with people who worked on the project and photos and video I've seen of the software and hardware over the last four years.
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