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Beyond3D forum has revealed...
The leak surfaced on Beyond3D forum, which is the same place that accurately revealed Wii U's specs prior to its release.
According to the leak, PlayStation 5 will feature 8-core / 16-thread AMD Zen2 CPU clocked at 3.2GHz and AMD's NAVI GPU with 14.2 teraflops, which is higher than the 13.8 teraflops count in AMD's latest flagship GPU - Radeon VII. Furthermore, PS5 could have a total of 24GB of RAM, with 20GB GDDR6 reserved for games and 4GB of DDR4 for the operating system. And last but not least, players will get 2TB HDD to store their games. On top of that PS5 may come with 2TB HDD.
If the leak turns out to be correct, and Sony release their next console with these specs, it's safe to assume that PlayStation 5 will be one pricey piece of hardware.
However, the specs look great and if we compared them to a high-end PC with similar hardware, we're looking at a 4K 60 FPS capable product.
Disclaimer: Leaks have not been confirmed.

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The specs don't make much sense especially on the memory department, leak is probably fake.

PS5 will obviously use a Ryzen APU, they throwing stones and expecting to get it right.
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Holy sh*t. 20GB GDDR6. You have to run like triple 4k to utilize full 20GB GDDR6.
4k with Insane gfx settings can utilise 16GB VRAM easily. Tried RE 2 with ultra and it was stuttering whilst checking it was consuming 14GB VRAM. I switched back to high settings and all is good.