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Read Review: Psiphon for Windows lets you unblock and access blocked websites

"Psiphon is a free and cross-platform portable VPN app that is mainly available for Windows OS, 32-bit or 64-bit machine. Using this tool, you can get nine different servers or locations where you can connect to. By default, however, Psiphon connects to the fastest server after opening it. If you need to access a web page from being in a particular country, you can choose the location manually as well."​


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Thanks for sharing. There's no "Free internet". Until you plug out the power cable, but this one is mainly for country's where you have blocked access some sites, example youtube. But you can/if you know what you are doing/if you want/... "easily" minimize to play "hide and seek game."
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There's "free internet". I know that Psiphon was used to achieve that. It's "free internet" because you don't have to pay to be able to browse the internet. You just have to have a prepaid sim, with no load or just one Peso (our country's currency) load, and certain program(s), like Psiphon, to be able to browse with no cap in data or limit in time/date. It would only be when the ISP discovers the tactic that they would block any attempt to do that. :)
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YES! It worked very well. One of the easiest, non-invasive FREE vpns I have ever used. I would recommend Psiphon app to anyone who wishes to access whatever they wish from anywhere, Provided you are very secured online. It is great for research.
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