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I got this virus it appears, that blocks me from entering any website, except for Google.com. I have run multiple antivirus programs and none of them worked. I thought for sure ADW would get rid of the issue. It identified one file called PUP.Optional.DefaultSearch.ShrtCln .

ADW said it deleted it but when I start the computer up again, it came back. Malwarebytes Premium version didn't even detect it. Kapersky TDSSkiller found a different item and removed it but it didn't even identify the PUP file. It appears to be a rootkit attached to the boot log or something because everytime I reboot the computer, it comes back.

So I went online and Google listed this issue in YouTube. Some people found a way to change the DNS settings but I tried it just like they said and it still did not work.

I can get into my computer, my internet is connected correctly, and I can open Google.com, but I cannot open any other website. Has anyone encountered this issue and do you know how to solve this problem?