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How is your experience with Windows 10 Mobile?
The last time I used it (one year ago) I loved the system but the lack of apps annoyed me so much that I left the OS.


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I loved the system but the lack of apps annoyed me so much that I left the OS.
With windows 10 in the device, everything seems good. Yes the device still lack of apps, but thats really not the reason for me to ditch it. Apps are being developed for Windows Devices slowly. Many popular apps are available, but some crashes and some are outdated. I really don't trust banking apps and some apps are filled with advertisements which annoys u while using and forces u to uninstall the app. And no need to bother about too much app notifications since u are using only required apps.
What I have learned from this mobile is, how to save time and health buy not using unnecessary apps which will bother me.

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With Android it is too easy to make your phone bloated with Apps and games you may never use, with Windows 10 mobile because of the few choices, you only use the most popular one, those you really need.
Less apps, more battery time.

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Does anyone knows how to Reboot or Restart the phone without using the power button?

To get an onscreen button to reboot, you can change some settings:

  • add a language (Settings > Language)
  • switch regions or region format (Settings > Region)
  • toggle navigation bar vibration (Settings > Touch)
  • switch the SMS character set (Settings > Network+)
  • toggle Cortana (Settings > Applications (tab) > Cortana)
I would say the third option is the most convenient.
How can i restart Windows Phone 8.1 without using the power button