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Ok here's the point: i've always been installing qhioo 360 TSE on my friends pc for several reasons:
- free (never installed cracked antivirus, license has always problem).
- quite powerful w/ BitDefender Engine.
- Quite easy to use.

Now, I've noticed Sophos released a free version. Which is the best wrt the features above?
I've never cared about other free antivirus (such as Avira, Avast or Panda). I basically do not trust them due to past experiences.


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I have used both and when it comes to install for a friend, I would go with 360 Total Security, but enable Avira engine. BD engine can sometimes cause more FPs than Avira in my experience.

Sophos Home is a decent solution if you are managing the system and have multiple systems to manage, but one grip I have is the process of setting exclusions.

Also it is pointless installing Sophos on a friend computer when all management is done via their webportal, so unless the person you are installing the solution is aware how to use it and maintain it, I would rather have something that works out of the box.


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Voted for other, as I prefer the QTS360 to the Essential version, as:
*it is updated way more often
*it features a browser lockdown feature in the toolbox (saves your browser from unwanted amendments)
*it has a cleanup feature I learned to love (including boot time monitor)

The QTS360 engines are very good, to my experience they're often one of the few with detections for brand new malware. Enabling at least Avira as additional (offline) engine (as @Inkurax stated) will not be of harm :)
Also, it features a great HIPS/BB, which can protect you from ransomware and other nasty stuff, even if there's no signature.

Make sure to have a look at the different Security settings (I use the "Security" preset for max protection), also have a look to settings, e.g. for enabling the "PUA/PUP detection" which is off by stock settings.

One last point: Programme does not update itself, make sure to hit the programme version button bottom left sometimes, as the non-essential version gets updates quite often (bug fixes and additional features, although Qihoo seldom states the amendments in their version history).

Qihoo 360 Total Security - The Pro's and Con's


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Sophos Home Free is mainly on the pure cloud functionality and other components are not yet exist compare on traditional ones like QIhoo.

So in that sense you can tell which is better however being minimal is one of favorite factor of majority users where let the product perform.

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I have used both , always been happy about 360 detection rate but not so much about their privacy.
A few days ago uninstalled Sophos home because had major slowdowns, malware blocking is not so good... but it has very good webprotection.

I always seems to return to Avira Free.
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