Av-comparatives.org reports that qihoo 360 internet security has a good detection rate...

However, they used a weird version while the current stable version is
So I have asked to av-comparatives of the Qihoo 360 internet security version number.
The Av-comparatives answered that Chinese version is used because qihoo requests to use Chinese version.

Here is email from av-comparatives
Qihoo is a Chinese company and their Chinese version is used by hundred of millions of Chinese people, while the English version is used only by some thousand users. Qihoo wanted to have the Chinese version tested.
If you come across a report where Qihoo states that the English version was tested, please let us know by providing a link.

I wonder there is any difference of detection rate between chinese vs. english version.
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I noticed that too,Qihoo sends the Chinese program because it is a little more advanced, already the international version does not match! :eek:


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Hmmm I think the comparatives test the chinese version of it they call it IS but basically it's the english version of TS. They use the same engines (Cloud, QVMII, Avira and Bitdefender).
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I have tested both Chinese version and English version, and the results shows that the cloud engine is the same, but I haven't tested QVM II engine. Anyone who wants to test it can just disable the Internet and scan some malware and see if it is different between two QVM II engines. But the behavior blocker of Chinese version is a little bit stronger than the English version because it is more advanced in version, but both are powerful.
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