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Sep 2, 2021
Hello to all,
Today we are going to test the most famous Chinese antivirus, Qihoo 360!
Qihoo 360 is a very well known antivirus in China, and is a behemoth there!
Very popular for its free applications (360 TS, 360 Browser, 360 Mobile etc), the company wanted to attack Europe and the United States in 2013.
Previously, 360 used its engine, as well as Avira and Bitdefender.
Except that these engines were not very updated, the antivirus preferred to withdraw them in favor of an in-house engine, KuPeing.

Protection level is good, but it can do better...
I noticed that Qihoo blocks a Trojan horse, but I was able to run it without blocking!
A bug of the antivirus ?
As far as web filtering is concerned, 360 Web Protection is useless and has never blocked anything....
When Qihoo knows either in viral base, or in QVM, it is good and reacts very quickly.
Unfortunately, when it doesn't know, it has a lot of difficulties, especially with Origami, which contains a false digital signature.
The antivirus was not able to react and the test ended.

Qihoo can be recommended, but not totally.

RAM Usage : Average
Phishing Test : 0/5 (all missed)
Malware URL test : 6.5/9 (2 missed, 1 partialy blocked)
Fake crack : 1/1 (detected by databse QVM)
Malware Pack : Remaining 198 files to 751 malwares
Home Malware (Origami Ransomware) : 0/1 => Test end.

Request by @Der.Reisende
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Apr 27, 2020
hi @Shadowra thank you for your test of 360 total security. the company did release a new version of the program a week ago , stating in the devellopment logs that there are improvements in the kunpeng database update process , if it means the program will get more frequent virus definition updates , it has to be seen. I did drop this program , if though I own a premium license because of the mediocre customer care and feedback : they NEVER answer back on emails , also they fact their privacy policicy is shady and the fact that they whiteliste chinese pups and adware , this is to be seen evidentely in their " Extreme Explorer Browser "