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So the difference in detection is 21 malware for ondemand scan i.e ondemand scan with Avira/Bd detected 21 more malware.
Rest, webshield & realtime detection same.

I think no need of Avira/Bd, 360 itself is good, what you say?

Can you tell me what all should be disabled for HIPS part?
I have disabled registry & file protection.

I don't know if keylogger & network protection will issue popups or detect/block as malware?

What does webcam protection do if it detects unauthorized webscam access, does it block & notify or issue popup about unauthorized access asking to allow/block?

In the absence of help files, features are not clear.

I emailed to Qihoo twice with few queries, about help files & English forum but first time they just gave a general reply, no info.
I requested them not to give general info but little detailed info but again the same general reply.


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Thank you for the nice test FireShoot...
Your test proves that extra engines will not give any significant difference other than very high ram usage.
I think 360 cloud engine is more than enough to protect the normal user from most threats.


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I use Qihoo TS, and now TSE with just the Qihoo engines which I find to be very capable. I also run MBAM Pro in tandem with it. I believe MBAM is more than capable with dealing w/offline threats.

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Great job, thanks @FireShootSK

It is the first time since i use Qihoo I think let disabled Avira and Bitdefender engines.