Qihoo Reveals Some Info on Protections


Level 26
Dec 29, 2014
Qihoo 360
Continue to be impressed by the 360 blogs. Hard to believe how far Qihoo has come in what 5 years now. Found this in a blog entry, which was the first insight I have read on the protections contained in the 360 system monitoring functions:

360 Total Security offers ransomware blocking, which blocks known ransomware, and also quarantines suspicious programs which conducts behaviors similar to what ransomware usually does. For example, if a program keeps modifying your files in a short period, 360 Total Security will block it and send you a timely warning.
Here is the entire blog entry:

Biggest Ransomware Attack Ever - Tips to stay safe from WannaCry ransomware

Qihoo should really publish their blog entries somehow in the 360 program. They hit on all the latest issues with sound input that could only help users make better decisions...