Q&A Qs about Factory Resetting phones?


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Jan 8, 2011
Your phone is running 24/7/365 with multiple system firmware updates, numerous app installs and uninstalls as well as all their updates. Overall a lot goes on.

Does factory resetting phones help:
- improve OS stability after long periods of time?
- reduce the total number of apps installed and app data? (i.e. how many times are apps uninstalled and have left data on the device)
- eliminates any bad configurations from previous borked updates?


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Aug 2, 2020
Majority of phones today have too many bloatware apps and services installed by default.

I would personally use a Android Debloater to remove unnecessary apps and services from my phone
to speed it up.

Which is not the best solution for most users but gives the best results from my experience.

I only do a factory reset if I mess things up. :ROFLMAO: