Updates Quad9 move to Switzerland


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Jan 9, 2020
The new web site is live now, at https://quad9.net. I'm particularly proud of our new privacy policy, and our newly-articulated foundational principles and position on human rights. Privacy | Quad9.

The big news here is that the Swiss government produced findings of law that Quad9 is exempt from both law enforcement and intelligence data-collection and retention requirements, as well as KYC.

Press conference starts in one hour. Switch Livestream.

Let's see how Cloudflare react. Would be awesome if they switch too.


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Apr 14, 2020
Great, another reason to use Quad9! Combined with AdGuard for Windows it's faster than NextDNS (for my location) and provides phishing/malicious site filtering while AdGuard has its own DNS filter list and takes care of the Ads, tracking, privacy and other cosmetic filters.
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Aug 17, 2014
Quad9 made the deliberate decision to place its service under Swiss jurisdiction and thus privacy laws. Being one of the world's most user friendly privacy laws, the move to Switzerland was designed to boost Quad9's dedication to keeping user data private and secure further.

The company notes that all its users benefit from the move as the "Swiss Data Protection Act does not contain any restriction regarding the citizenship or residence of the individuals whose personal rights are to be protected by the law". In other words: all Quad9 users have the same legal protection as Swiss citizens when using the service.

The move of headquarters "is being facilitated by SWITCH", a Swiss foundation that operates critical infrastructure and its own security division.