Qualcomm to Likely Unveil Snapdragon 898 During Its November 30 Tech Summit


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Feb 4, 2016
The Snapdragon 898 is expected to be Qualcomm’s next flagship, and according to the latest details, we might see it getting unveiled much earlier than expected. As it so happens, the Snapdragon Tech Summit will kick off from November 30, and if history is any indication, we might see the high-end SoC announced at the aforementioned date.

Snapdragon 898 to Be Mass Produced on Samsung’s Next-Generation 4nm Process; Will Feature a Tri-Cluster CPU Configuration Just Like the Snapdragon 888​

Qualcomm has announced that its 2021 Snapdragon Tech Summit will start on November 30 and end on December 2. Just like the Snapdragon 888, we expect the Snapdragon 898 to be unveiled on the very first day of the event, showing what improvements the San Diego has made in terms of performance and power efficiency. We expect some changes because, unlike the Snapdragon 888, the Snapdragon 898 will reportedly be mass produced on Samsung’s 4nm process.