Q&A Quick Heal in 2022


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Oct 21, 2017
Quick Heal is an Indian company. I'm from India and this AV is extremely popular in our country since it can detect all the local malware and repair the infected files instead of deleting them. Their firewall and behaviour blocking is very good but you have to tweak them. It also has a sandbox where you can run your browsers sandboxed(does not support edge) and a dedicated bank mode(again no edge support). Their signatures are not excellent though just average. If you're a safe user it should suffice because their web protection is good. Resource wise it's light in terms of CPU but uses around 250 MB RAM. If you have 8GB or more RAM it shouldn't be a problem. I use their Internet Security version since the Total Security has PC Tuner which crashed my PC once in the past. A lot of my clients use QH and they have never been infected. I can't say about scripts protection since I always disable scripts on all of my computers. QH ATM doesn't use BD signatures although they used it in the past.
Hi, would you mind giving me some advice how to tweak Quick Heal for best protection? Many thanks in advance.
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