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Based on a request from @Sunshine-boy, here's a quick review of this VPN service:


They offer a free and paid service, you get a 3-day Premium for free, then you get to decide to either buy a paid plan or continue using the free service, however, the free service has limitations:

● 1Mb/s bandwidth per connection
● One connection per account
● No country selection

- The free service has only 2 servers: Spain or Germany.

- Their installer has a weird way of operating, it lists you all their servers and you lets choose one-by-one, if you require a specific server or two, that's a good thing to have, but if you want to select most or all of them, you have to go on selecting them one by one, no option such as "Select all", also Ctrl+A or mouse selection doesn't work either.

- They are using abbreviated country names (ITA,ISL etc) which results in confusion if you can't guess what's this and that.

- Supports P2P only on Russia (RUS) or Malaysia (MYS) servers.

- No Killswitch feature.

- Not-so-clear to get to the download page, you either have pick up that link from their talky email under the title "What is a VPN" explaining what a VPN does, if you didn't notice that link, you have to go all the way down to the bottom of their website under "WIN SETUP" and choose a guided download for your specific Windows version.

- "Product" page has NO download links, just a button which STILL leads to a sign-up form even when you're ALREADY logged in.

- I don't have .NET installed on this testing machine, their installer required .NET4.0 so it offered to download it, then the .NET installer started but I canceled it, and yet the VPN worked without issue.


- Stable and fast connections

- Minimal UI that gets the job done quickly.

- Offers a service called MyTelly DNS with your subscription, works only on a set of supported router though.

- Available in 44 locations with 190 servers (PAID)

- Supports PPTP, L2TP, SSL and IKEv2 VPN (free & paid)

- No DNS/IP leaks.

- Unlimited quota on the free service!

- Available on wide variety of devices: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, DD-WRT , Kindle Fire, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox!

- No logging. They promise that no logs are kept in both free and paid service.

- Operating from Hong Kong, so they claim they're not part of the 14 Eye Jurisdiction.

- Very good Knowledge Base offering step-by-step VPN setup instructions with screenshots, and a detailed FAQ section.


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No OpenVPN protocol support, right? No KillSwitch can use VPNCheck KillSwitch software
They have OpenVPN support, I was testing using this client. AFAIK the open source OpenVPN doesn't have this feature (which I believe that's what they're using) but I also believe some closed source VPN like ProtonVPN utilizing OpenVPN has implemented Killswitch in their client.