Razer Power Bank (12 800mAh) US$149.99 released

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    This unusually understated battery has a capacity of 12,800mAh, which is on the large side. The real selling point here is that Razer's power bank can fast charge any phone, or even a laptop with USB Type-C.

    The battery can be charged either by a microUSB port or a Type-C port. For output, it has two standard USBs and a USB Type-C port. Razer's power bank supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which covers fast-charging on most phones and tablets. The Type-C port can also do 5V/3A, which is the fast charging standard used on USB-PD devices like the Pixel.

    It's rare to find a battey that does both of the above, but there are a few. What sets the Razer power bank apart is that it can also push 45W over the Type-C port to charge a laptop. Razer positions this as an accessory for its Blade Stealth notebooks, but it should work with other laptops that charge over Type-C. The drawback; you'll pay a lot for this added benefit. Razer's battery is available for order today at $149.99. At least shipping is free in the US.

    Razer's new (expensive) power bank charges all the things, even your USB-C laptop

    Get it here

    Razer Power Bank for Laptops and Other Mobile Devices
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    It's the same price as a replacement 6-cell 97 Wh battery for a Dell XPS 15.

    For work convenience, $149 is worth the price. It beats carrying around that Dell power chord. At a voltage of 19.5V, you're gonna get 200+ Wh out of the thing.
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    except laptop charging feature, xiaomi sells 20,000 mah power banks for around $30 only in my country. A power bank with 12,800 mah for that much price is too much.
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    buy xiaomi 20000mah
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    Yes, that's the strength of this Razer Power Bank using USB-C port for charging laptop.

    Otherwise it's price is just too much for a 12800mAh battery bank

    A 20000mAh battery bank from Razer with this price would be reasonable
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