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Just in time for CES, Syfy has teamed with Relativity Television to develop an unscripted series revolving around computer hackers.

Details about the project are sparse. It promises to take viewers “deep inside the shadowy and dangerous world of high-tech hackers,” with each episode offering interviews with hackers and the law enforcement officials who collared them.

The plan is to use on-screen graphics to create an “experiential ‘hacking’ scene that exposes what actually happens when a computer network is broken into.”

The growing threats posed by hacking and cyber thefts have been in the headlines in recent months thanks to the unprecedented attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that the FBI has said was directed by North Korea. The incident led President Obama to implement sanctions against North Korea last week that were a direct response to the Sony hack.

Relativity TV’s Tom Forman and Brad Bishop are exec producers of the Syfy project.