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Hello guys. I'm testing Avira Pro in my desktop PC (W10) and i'd like to know what settings do you recommend for best protection. Thanks for your replies.
If you set all Avira heuristics settings to maximum, then a full system scan will take hours - up to 4 hours dependent upon your disk load.

Run one full system scan, then just keep real-time protection enabled.

I never saw a single advantage to using maximum heuristics day-to-day. It impacts system too much. I would use max heuristics only if I suspected an infection.

You have to understand, Avira heuristics isn't like other heuristics - it is quite resource intensive.

Since you are testing, then you can test the various settings and see for yourself...


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Thanks for your suggestions. For the moment, the only cons i've noticed is when scanning suspicious files, sometimes, freezes 1-2 minutes before to complete the process.


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@Mihir :-): Yup a typical user should aware on that possible consequences, so far the sensitivity of Avira is fine which can handle it well.

Usually an increase of detection because of heuristics is nearly a decimal percentage because of signatures/generic detection took the protection.


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Really, i'm impressed with detection of Avira.. In Malware Hub section i've tried with the last samples and near to perfect.
In another hand, i don't understand why i have so many Avira services in background, even some repeated.
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