Red Hat To Stop Shipping LibreOffice In Future RHEL, Limiting Fedora LO Involvement


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Apr 24, 2016
Red Hat has decided they will be doing less work on desktop applications and will stop shipping LibreOffice as part of a future Red Hat Enterprise Linux release (presumably RHEL10). This is also limiting Red Hat's engagement in working on LibreOffice packaging for Fedora while the hope is that the Flatpak'ed LibreOffice will fill the void.

Prominent Red Hat employee and GNOME developer Matthias Clasen shared that the LibreOffice RPMs have been orphaned and the decision to stop shipping LibreOffice in RHEL in the future and in term limiting the scope of their contributions to Fedora.

Red Hat's Display Systems team has been working on Wayland improvements, HDR support on the Linux desktop, and other key work to benefit workstation users. However, the "tradeoff" to focusing on that is they will be pivoting away from less desktop application work and "cease shipping LibreOffice as part of RHEL starting in a future RHE version. This also limits our ability to maintain it in future versions of Fedora."

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