Refused To Connect On Google/Yahoo Searches

Operating System
Current issues and symptoms
Search on Mac - Chrome/Safari, same works
Affected Browser
  1. Safari
  2. Google Chrome
Browser Extensions
I have a lot of them, but if I disable them all or run in safe mode, I get the same errors.


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Feb 12, 2021
I get this error below on Chrome / Safari - whether I search with Gogole or Chrome.

I"ve tried to follow this: Remove redirect (Virus Removal Guide). amongst others.

Cannot get it to go away. Ran Malwarbytes - no luck.

any ideas



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May 5, 2015
I suggest you reset the router and then configure what is necessary.

Then do the following:
1. Turn off your Mac. Wait at least five minutes before continuing.
2. Turn on the Mac, immediately press Left Shift.
3. Wait until the Desktop loads.
4. Check if you can connect to the sites you need.

If by doing what I suggest you can connect, let us know.

Also, please let me know the contents of the hosts file:
1. Go to Applications - Utilities.
2. Open Terminal.
3. Write:
sudo cat /private/etc/hosts
4. Let me know what does is says.
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