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Aug 20, 2019
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Dec 31, 2019
Download Reg Organizer 8.29 and use the key. No free updates.


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Dec 29, 2014
This is a fairly useful application. Thanks @josinpaul. Check out the tweaks. There are some registry tweaks that I have never seen before, and that I like. Examples:

1. Lower forced shutdown time of an application (during system shutdown) from 20 seconds to 2 seconds
2. Show details of system startup and shutdown during each
3. Show information on previous logins at system start
4. Add Copy to Folder to Explorer right click menu
5. Add Move to Folder to Explorer right click menu
6. Small taskbar icons (actually makes the taskbar smaller but start button stays the same)
7. Add/remove Recent Documents from Start menu
8. Add/remove Run Command from Start menu

There are about 50 of these. This app also gives the ability to perform a registry before and after comparison, which is nice. Cleaner seems good and configurable, but I haven't found a way to run it on a schedule yet...
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Dec 29, 2014
Second praise for this application. Once configured the cleaner is good, but there is installation recording and uninstalling, the ability to save a registry state and compare with another, and the best of all startups management which gives the user the ability to set delays. CCleaner is hard to beat due to its dialog for adding Custom files for removal. Wise Disk Cleaner is great because it will run on a schedule without need of Task Scheduler. Yet, if a second and/or third app can be useful, this is the one.

I'm keeping this app as a third cleaner, mostly for the registry/startup controls, but I'll gladly accept the 2nd opinion uninstaller too. Sure, while it's open I will run the cleaner too, so... :unsure:

Free offer is still on through December so try the link in @josinpaul's post! :emoji_fist::emoji_fist::emoji_fist::emoji_fist:(y) 4.5 fists :LOL:


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Aug 22, 2013
Get a free Reg Organizer 8.42 license ( new giveaway)
Download link https://dl.comss.org/download/reg-organizer-setup-842.exe
( the application is already activated, no need for license)