Video [Removal Tool Test] FMA CBAD Anti-Malware BETA (Manzaitest)


Level 27
May 11, 2013
Hello Manzai

First of all thank you for testing, secondly let me correct a few things.
The real time log only shows during scanning. (working on that as its not completed yet.)
The detected files can only be removed by rebooting, whole removal process happens during the boot. The software is made in such way that active processes and such are being removed if and only if you boot, as has been said when you did hit the clean button.
Now in regards to the malware returning after boot, thats something i am highly interested in to replicate here at our own test machines.
On our real test system (no VM) this did not happen during our 23 tests. so it could be a VM thing but thats something i have to figure out.
Anyway thanks again for testing and i will take a look at the things gone wrong.



Level 27
May 11, 2013
Engine has been updated i request that this test being redone to make sure that infections now are being removed properly.

@Av Gurus scanning options has nothing to do with which areas are being scanned, it is a setting specifically for the cloud and how the cloud respond.
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Av Gurus

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Malware Hunter
Sep 22, 2014
I updatet to new version and scanning a folder with PUP (the same one i send you) and it give me error???