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Ninjutsu OS, a new software tool that heavily modifies Windows 10 with a huge number of tweaks, mods and extra tools, has been hit with a DMCA complaint by Microsoft. According to the copyright notice, the customizing, tweaking and disabling of Windows 10 features, even when that improves privacy, amounts to a violation of Microsoft's software license.

Since Windows was first released, people have been modifying variants of the world-famous operating system to better fit their individual requirements. Many of these tweaks can be carried out using tools provided within the software itself but the recently-released Ninjutsu OS aims to take Windows 10 modding to a whole new level. Released on May 7, Ninjutsu OS claims to take Windows 10 and transform it into a penetration testing powerhouse, adding huge numbers of tools (around 800) aimed at security experts, a few for regular users (qBitTorrent and Tor Browser, for example) while also removing features considered unwanted or unneeded in such an environment.


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I am a member of tenforums, but sometimes they take it too personal.
I tend to agree with you. The important thing is that it is your sworn duty to hack W10 as much as humanly possible, to the very best of your abilities. (y)(y);)
Those of much more humble abilities, like myself, will have to settle for using built-in settings and getting mad at M$ for their various misdeeds.


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Microsoft has been on a crusade to make people dislike them more and more. "Oh, we are purchasing github #microsoftlovesopensource, # microsoftconsumesanddismantles, # microlinuxlolz." Still got me on games, though...damn AoE!
Microsoft is much better and nicer company now than was in the past with Ballmer.
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