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I want to maximize battery life and also make my surface pro faster. I never use the app store comes with windows now a days. There are a lot of apps preinstalled in windows.
Can anyone tell me which apps are safe to uninstall? Apps like 3D builder, people, mail etc I never use and also very lean chance that I will use them in future. So please if anyone has a comprehensive list of preinstalled apps safe to remove help me with guidance.
Thank You.


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Tested this software, it found some hidden stuff. Removed. Nice.
Im using a lenovo PC "Market PC". Anything from Lenovo Market PC:s, first thing to do is remove all of their bundled softwares.
Then install, for me, it was zonealarm. Thats because i need to know, after uninstalling Lenovo softwares, someone still connecting to some IP addresses. Thats why Zonealarm comes to play, it blocks and notify all WFP request during boot-up. So some research what i did(thanks for the zonealarm log) its blocked all the IP/ping requests to...well to China. Standard WFP firewall leaks.
My suggestion is that never ever trust a windows own firewall, never. Any malware can "reset" your firewall during a boot and gain access to the net. Use third party firewalls, with their own firewall driver, please. Never ever use windows own firewall.
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May get problems if you remove the Photo Viewing capabilities.
Is that because there is no photo viewer anymore, or are there other issues. Personally I hate Microsoft's Photo app and replace it with HoneyView. Bur as of right now, I could not be bothered removing the Windows apps that I dont use, although I've done that in the past.


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This might be amateurish but I open the Microsoft Store app and then click the three dots at the top right. Then, I click "Downloads and updates" and this gives one a list of all the Store apps (bloat) currently on one's system. Some of them, like Sticky Notes, you can't remove with a right click. But this way, at least I know what's on there and what useless stuff I can get rid of without installing a third party software.


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Thanks Guys for your suggestions. Used AppBuster. I deleted/uninstalled following apps...
  1. 3D Viewer
  2. Feedback Hub
  3. Films & TV
  4. Game Bar
  5. Groove Music
  6. Mail and Calender
  7. Microsoft Messaging
  8. Microsoft People
  9. Microsoft Solitaire
  10. Mobile Plan
  11. MSN Weather
  12. My Office
  13. Microsoft Pay
  14. Xbox Game bar
  15. Xbox Game Speech Window
  16. Xbox Identity Provider
  17. Xbox TCUI
  18. Xbox
  19. Windows Map
  20. Your Phone
These apps I am listing below I did not uninstalled
Are they safe to install
  1. Microsoft Whiteboard
  2. Mixed Reality Portal
  3. Paint 3D
  4. Sketchable
  5. HEIF Image Extensions
  6. Web Media Extensions
  7. Webp image Extensions
Please provide your list, what you guys uninstalled.
Thank you..