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Sony is leading the charge
In fact, exclusive reports by both WCCFTech and Forbes claim that AMD’s next-gen graphics architecture Navi has been created specifically for the Japanese giant’s upcoming console. To be clear: this isn’t a case of the console maker commissioning existing tech – it’s being made specifically for Sony’s system.

According to reports, AMD pulled two-thirds of its engineering staff onto the project, which ultimately had a negative impact on the development of AMD's Vega GPU technology. Digital Foundry explains: “The idea of AMD diverting so much of its engineering resources to a Sony project is quite remarkable, but the firm's commercial arrangements with both Xbox and PlayStation consoles are hugely important.”

It’s expected that the PS5 will also leverage AMD’s Zen core as the basis for its CPU component, which balances efficiency with high performance, so is a good fit for consoles. All of this more or less confirms that the race to next-gen is now very much underway, and while sources still point to a 2020 release, it feels like we’re going to be hearing more and more about new hardware as time goes by.


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They must give a lot better deals than intel does to get on those consoles consistently. One would think it's a market intel would want to gain but apparently no. On the other hand, the deals are more competitive because they can offer the gpu also i would assume.