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The new ActiveImage Protector 2018 is here!
  • NEW Virtual Standby Availability: Creates automatically updated boot points with scheduled incremental snapshots directly to a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V Host. When a disaster strikes, the virtual standby replica (VSR) can be instantly started (in two minutes according to our test result).
  • Post-backup processing including BootCheck™ and consolidation: Automatically ensures backup images are bootable using Microsoft Hyper-V, saving system resource and time. As part of ImageCenter installer (including in ActiveImage Protector 2018), it can be installed on any machine of the network to offload the BootCheck tasks to a dedicated system, greatly reducing resource demands on the backup source machine.
  • Updated and improved P2V, V2P, P2P, and V2V processing
  • Enhanced Full-state file recovery retains access rights.
  • Supports Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Homepage: Backup & Recovery for Windows, Linux, Hyper-V & VMware | NetJapan

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While this looks interesting, I have no use for a one year license for backup software which has no free version. At least with a time limited license for something like AOMEI Backupper, once the license has expired, I can stll access my backups with the free version.

Also, I couldn't find any pricing for this.