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Dec 3, 2015
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Get a special version of Freedome VPN, for FREE

Source : www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/freedome-close

The Freedome team at F-Secure is excited to announce a very special partnership with Aalto University and University of Helsinki, in the form of the Cloud Security Services (CloSe) research project. The aim of CloSe is to develop increasingly secure data delivery solutions for cloud-based security services (such as Freedome). To better understand how these services function in practice, we have created a special version of Freedome and are looking for people to use it. This version is:

  • FREE for you to use.
  • Available only for Android users.
  • Available to you as long as the research project is running. The project is estimated to last at least until June 2016.
  • Will contain 3 virtual locations: Finland, Netherlands and UK.
  • Different from the Freedome consumer version in that it collects some data from your online activity, but only for research purposes. (Read below)
Essentially, the difference between this version of Freedome and the consumer version is that this version logs some of your traffic. We are still completely committed to your privacy, and this information will not be used in any way to identify you personally. Here comes the details:

We do NOT:

  • Collect the actual content of your communications.
  • Collect content of the sites you visit.
  • Collect any communications or media (emails, images, files, etc) you send or receive.
  • Link your IP address or physical location to you in any way.
We may collect things like:

  • URL's
  • Port numbers
  • File types sent and received
  • IP addresses
  • Malware attacks
The research team will use this data to learn better ways to detect online attacks, how private information gets leaked, how to stop unwanted tracking etc. While it may sometimes be technically possible to use de-anonymization techniques to identify you based on this data, we will (obviously) never even attempt to do such a thing. All data will also be purged at six-month intervals and the research project is not going to share it with any third parties.

To sign up and receive an invite to the closed test user group, or to ask any questions, email us at freedome-close-support@f-secure.com

Your questions on Twitter @FreedomeVPN

For more on Freedome, visit F-Secure Freedome VPN
May 22, 2014
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I have used it on Android for free WiFi situations or basic browsing. No issues really, other than when enabled it will drain battery at typical rate (not much different than any other VPN). Yes, it'd be nice to have a Windows desktop version. You have to email to ask to join the
CloSe research study and they send you a link. No problems.