Researcher Details Sophisticated macOS Attack via Office Document Macros


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Aug 17, 2014
A researcher found a way to deliver malware to macOS systems using a Microsoft Office document containing macro code. The victim simply has to open the document and no alerts are displayed. [...]

While a vast majority of macro-based attacks target Windows systems, in recent years, researchers spotted some attacks aimed at macOS users, including one campaign that has been linked to North Korea’s Lazarus group.

However, Patrick Wardle, principal security researcher at Apple device management company Jamf, pointed out that these attacks were not very sophisticated and they likely had a low success rate, as the targeted user would explicitly have to enable macros, none of the attacks was able to escape the application sandbox even if the macro was executed, and Apple’s quarantine feature and notarization checks could have blocked additional payloads.

Wardle revealed this week that he identified a way to make macro-based attacks against macOS systems much more efficient. He has described an exploit chain that bypassed all of the aforementioned security mechanisms, allowing an attacker to deliver their payload without any warning — the victim simply had to open the malicious document.
Full report by researcher: Office Drama on macOS
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