REvil ransomware hits hosting provider, 500K ransom


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Aug 17, 2014
Managed web hosting provider has taken their servers and web hosting systems offline as they struggle to recover from a weekend REvil ransomware attack.
On Monday morning, announced that they had suffered an issue affecting the availability of their hosting services and are investigating the matter.
As first reported by ZDNet, disclosed on Tuesday that they were hit with a ransomware attack and, to protect the "integrity of our customer's data," they decided to take their entire system down, including clients' websites.

"November 17, 2020 – On Nov.16, the environment was attacked by a coordinated ransomware campaign. To ensure the integrity of our customers’ data, the limited number of impacted sites were immediately taken offline. Upon further investigation and out of an abundance of caution, we took down our entire system to ensure further customer sites were not compromised. Our Technology and Information Security teams are working diligently to eliminate the threat and restore our customers to full capacity. Our first priority is the safety and security of your data. We are working directly with law enforcement agencies to identify the entities involved in this attack. As more information is available, we will communicate directly with you," stated in a status update.