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After more than 9 years in a row, and a huge gaming community backing their game, Riot Games has announced the end of one of the most famous and played games in the history.

Dave Grohl, head of marketing and game design, claimed to ABC: "It's been a lot of fun developing this game for so long. After so many years, you stop thinking of it as your job, and it starts becoming a part of you, something you make for others to enjoy."

Despite a formal announcement hasn't been made on their boards, many employees confirmed the sad news over social media, specially Twitter, where its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, declared this the saddest day in gaming history.

Many users have already started funding campaigns to raise money in order to bribe League of Legends' developers so they don't quit, nevertheless the decision seems to be taken. The reasons behind this are still unclear, but logic points to a fresh up of the gaming industry. Leaks have shown Riot Games is already working on a Battle Royale edition of League of Legends, which will not be linked in any way to the game we know today.

Alternative source: April Fools' Day - Wikipedia


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That is actually interesting, but the stakes are high here, if they will actually make another innovative and as competetive game, I'll be very pleased.