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Nov 10, 2017

RoboForm Everywhere is a security and time-saving application for your PC and mobile devices. It lets you to login into your favorite websites easily without the need to remember passwords, acts as a password manager and password generator, fill the forms quickly or automatically, Saves you time in sweepstakes and more you can get access to this service on all desktop and mobile platforms.

According to the developer (Siber Systems), Roboform is the no 1 form filler and password manager in the world, which remembers all of your passwords automatically.

All you need to do is to visit your favorite website, log in and allow the app to remember your login details, then it will securely store your passwords as logins, once your password is saved, it will login to your favorite websites with one click, it is easy as using favorites or bookmarks.

Passwords can be hard to remember, but now you want to have to because Roboform can generate secure passwords and even better, it will remember them for you. The app will store your information and fill out forms for you with a single click, this is a big time saver and online shopping is a breeze with this software.

While installing the software on your PC choose the option “RoboForm Everywhere “ and have access to your passwords anywhere on any device at any time. It is the world’s most downloaded and trusted password manager.

For storing your passwords and form data, RoboForm uses military-grade AES 256 encryption, the app will easily integrate with all popular browsers ( IE, Firefox, Chrome) and works on major desktop and Mobile operating systems.

Getting Started with RoboForm:
When you install the RoboForm software, it will be integrated into your default or the browser you suggest. For instance in Firefox, you will notice that Roboform toolbar installed, the first step to getting started with Roboform is to save your logins, these lesions are saved as postcards.

Each passcards will contain your username, password and the URL of the site, when you select the passcard, Roboform will complete the following three steps, it will go to the website saved, answers your previously saved username, password and click on the submit button, all these steps will be completed for you in one click.

For long registration and checkout forms, you can use the ‘Identities’ feature, first click the ‘Setup form filling’ option on the Roboform toolbar, to set-up your first identity, you will be prompted to enter your name & country, then click OK.

Under Identities, you will see many different sections that you can add, go through the various tabs and enter your information in the proper fields and save it to complete the identity set, this information can later be used to fill forms with one click.

Key Features of RoboForm Everywhere:

1. One-Click Logins
2. Single Master Password
3. One-Click Form Filling
4. Cross Browser Support
5. Synchronize and Backup
6. Strong Encryption
7. Access from Anywhere
8. Full USB Portability
9. Create Secure Passwords
10. Securely Store Bookmarks
11. Truly cross-platform experience.
12. Phishing Protection

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RoboForm is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, it supports all major browsers, including Microsoft Edge.

Download the installer for your device from here.