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Looks great, @roky11013! What software are you using for the system images? Windows Backup and Restore, or a 3rd party application? (make sure you keep a system backup image at the ready in case you need to restore your OS)

You're good to go, anyway. Thanks for sharing your config with us!

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Before worrying about the antivirus, it is good to understand that the most important security tool is the observance of the basic rules of computer security: keep your system well updated, use the utmost distrust of any executable (especially if downloaded from not authoritative source) and, more in general, to think always twice before clicking.

That said, the antivirus is a second defense's essential level but, if you use Windows 10, WD and Smartscreen offer an adequate malware protection.

Eventually you can add Zemana Anti-Malware free or paid as a second opinion scanner.


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You need to consider some type of system/data backup solution.Macrium Reflect & AOMEI Backupper offer good free solutions.
If you already have one please edit your config to reflect this.
Consider adding an on demand scanner(s) such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit,Zemana Antimalware,Malwarebytes Antimalware,etc.
Consider replacing Adblock Plus with uBlock Origin.
Nice lite secure config!Thanks for sharing it with us :)
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