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I would recommend that you add EEK and Norton Power Eraser to your configuration as on-demand scanners. ZAM would also be another great alternative too - all three are great together as on demand.

I'd also add HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin as it is much more powerful than Ad-block.

Make sure your backups are kept on an external flash drive, or external hard drive that isn't always plugged into your computer so they do not become infected.

Overall good configuration! (y)


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Are you not using Avast Internet Security Firewall?
If you are please edit your config to reflect a 3rd party firewall.
Your real time protection is not the same as on demand scanners.I would consider using Malwarebytes Antimalware as an on demand scanner and the add an additional on demand scanner(s).
Consider uBlock Origin in place of AdBlock.
Consider backing up important data to an external drive also.
Thanks for sharing your config :)
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