Russia faces IT crisis with just two months of data storage left


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Apr 24, 2016
Russia faces a critical IT storage crisis after Western cloud providers pulled out of the country, leaving Russia with only two more months before they run out of data storage.

The Russian government is exploring various solutions to resolve this IT storage problem, ranging from leasing all available domestic data storage to seizing IT resources left behind by businesses that pulled out of the country.

These solutions were proposed during a meeting held at the Ministry of Digital Transformation, attended by representatives of Sberbank, MTS, Oxygen, Rostelecom, Atom-Data, Croc, and Yandex.

According to the Russian news outlet Kommersant, which claims to have sources confirming this proposal, the parties estimated they have roughly two months left before running out of available storage space.

Due to imposed sanctions, all Russian firms were forced to turn to domestic cloud storage service providers after Western cloud storage services cut business ties with the country.

For example, the locally-sourced storage capacity needs of Russian mobile carrier MegaFon increased fivefold, MTS tenfold, and VK had to seek 20% more storage resources in just a week.

This has created an insurmountable practical problem as there are not enough data centers in Russia to accommodate the needs of local operators; hence, a national solution for the Russian storage crisis is needed.

Kommersant further explains that the situation coincides with public Russian agencies' storage needs growing exponentially due to "smart city" projects involving extensive video surveillance and facial recognition systems.