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A Russian farm has given its dairy cows virtual reality headsets in a bid to reduce their anxiety.

The herd donned VR systems adapted for the "structural features of cow heads" and were shown a "unique summer field simulation program". Moscow's Ministry of Agriculture and Food cited research which they say has shown a link between a cow's emotional experience and its milk yield. Initial tests reportedly boosted "the overall emotional mood of the herd". According to a statement from the ministry, the experiments took place at the RusMoloko farm in Moscow's Ramensky district. "Examples of dairy farms from different countries show that in a calm atmosphere, the quantity, and sometimes the quality, of milk increases markedly," it read.

Dave Russo

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I worked at a milk processing plant(a good while ago) as far as I am concerned,Cows are one of the nastiest animals on earth,you would know what I mean after having them crap in your face,when you add iodine and the suction tubes on, Fly swatters were our best friend back then,the septic pond use to get vacuumed into a container truck then sprayed unto the fields for fertilizer ,the smell could gag a maggot! Live in the city now,If you ask me the ones who need the calming headsets is the guy who thought this was a good idea. Anyway kudos for Russian Technology. Thank upnorth for another interesting article