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Hi everyone !

I think I explained all above

I delete safari ( iPhone 5s )data ( it seems) but when I exit safari settings and open safari settings again , they are still there !

Anyone experienced this issue ?

Apple support on Twitter can't say why

Thank you for reading
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Do you mean your "Clear history" button is greyed out, or you have clicked and confirmed to clear history but it doesn't?

If the former, you can try Settings > General > Restrictions, and then under Allowed Content, set Websites to "All Websites".

If the latter, you should try resetting your device without losing data.

Also, I've read that if you have Private Browsing enabled, you will not be able to clear your history until you disable it.


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Sorry for the delay and thank you for your assistance :)

I clicked and confirmed.

After several times it worked , but often have this problem .

Regarding private mode : actually I think it should not save info by default on private mode . And in fact it seems it does not


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Safari includes a Clear History tool on the main application menu (click on Safari in the tool bar), and again at the bottom of the History menu. You can choose to clear the last hour, or all of today's accumulated data, or today plus yesterday, or just all the data since… Well, forever! Select from the dropdown list and click Clear History.

Although quick to access, the Clear History is badly named because it actually takes a scorched Earth approach – in addition to actual browsing history, it deletes cookies and the entire browser cache.

However, Safari offers surgical cleaning tools that let you proceed on a site-by-site basis. It just hides them away.