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Nov 4, 2011
Bochum-based cyber defence company expands product portfolio

With G DATA VPN, Bochum-based IT security company G DATA CyberDefense has introduced a new solution for securing Internet traffic. Customers can benefit from the company's decades of experience, the no-backdoor guarantee and quality “Made in Germany”. Up to ten devices can be secured for one year with one licence, at the introductory price of 39.95 euros.

G DATA VPN quickly and reliably protects Internet users and their privacy from the prying eyes of others. The app provides unlimited encrypted data traffic on up to 10 Windows, Android and iOS devices. Almost 2,000 high-speed VPN servers at more than 75 locations worldwide ensure the greatest possible anonymity and security when accessing websites. Users can also access content that is not actually available at their respective location.


Benefits of G DATA VPN​

  • Encrypted data traffic: Securing of unsecured connections - both at home and on public WLANs
  • Privacy: Strict No Logging policy at G DATA CyberDefense
  • Unrestricted access to content: Bypass country-specific access restrictions applied to online media and websites.
  • Anonymous surfing on almost 2,000 VPN servers in more than 75 locations worldwide

What is a VPN?​

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network, which allows you to disguise IP addresses and establish an encrypted connection to the Internet. A VPN service also helps you circumvent artificial access restrictions to media and websites or censorship. With just one click, it relocates your IP address to another country that is not affected by the restrictions.

More information, including system requirements, can be found at
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Dec 7, 2021
No mention of Wireguard so I assume it uses Open? I can't see anywhere on the site of an 'introductory price of 39.95 euro.' ? AKA £33.80 UK Pounds. I wonder who is running it for them as you can't suddenly come up with a large server network overnight ?
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Oct 27, 2019
didn't test it yet but it provides 10 devices, mulvad is 60 per year and provides 5 devices.
i mean... i would trust mullvad more but still.
We are the officual Disteibutor of Mullvad, so if you are interested I can give you really good offers ;)

Just send me a PM ...

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