Samsung and U.K.'s Virgin Media O2 to conduct joint 4G and 5G trials


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Aug 17, 2014
Samsung Electronics has announced that it will carry out 4G and 5G trials with Virgin Media O2, which is a joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica in the U.K, launched in June 2021.

Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, Woojune Kim stated:
With this trial, we are excited to join hands with Virgin Media O2 to demonstrate the readiness of our 5G network solutions for deployment in the U.K. and our capabilities in bringing immersive and reliable 4G and 5G mobile experiences to users. At Samsung, we are continuously enhancing mobile experiences through powerful network solutions that advance and drive 5G to new levels.
Through these trials, the two companies will substantiate the potential and performance of 4G and 5G network solutions of the tech giant in the commercial network of Virgin Media O2. The trials will evaluate the interoperability between 2G and 3G legacy networks of Virgin Media O2 and the latest solutions developed by Samsung as well.


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Aug 2, 2020
Its been awhile since I heard any new news about 5G.

5G phones have been out awhile however not all countries have a fully working 5G network.
Take India has an example it has the second largest mobile market in the world but still no 5G network.

So majority of 5G phones sold in India are running on 4G network. By the time 5G becomes main stream
new phones will be out with better 5G support. So the millions that paid extra for 5G version phones in India just fell of the hype and marketing BS.

Early adopters tax similar to Windows 11 users. :LOL:
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