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Jan 8, 2011
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Samsung Internet Browser for Android - The Only Internet Browser You Need
An Internet Browser by Samsung (a South Korean company). It's free to download and use on non-Samsung Android smartphones and tablets. It performs like a normal browser, as you would expect, running on the Chromium engine for the best experience, and additional features for usability and enhanced privacy.

Samsung Internet browser for Android comes with Features and Extensions:
  • CloseBy - connect to surrounding beacons via Bluetooth (Physical Web)
  • Content Blockers - use up to 5 content blockers for Ad-blocking and Tracking Protection
  • QR Code Reader - scan QR codes
  • Quick Menu - floating button to access features "quickly"
  • Tracking Blocker - let Disconnect block invisible trackers
  • Video Assistant - cast videos to your TV and change video orientation
Smart UI with Tabs
- browser UI changes depending on certain settings (Night mode and Secret mode)
- tabbed browsing
- stay focused by opening links in background tabs
- contextual menu to let you save images and copy links
- share anything

Browsing in the Dark
Turn on Night Mode to dim the experience
- browser UI appearance from white to dark grey
- changes light web pages and links to darker greys

Browse in Private
Turn on Secret Mode
- changes the browser UI from white to light grey
- add password protection for peace of mind

Better Privacy than Chrome
Activate your Content Blocker
- select from a range of compatible ad-blockers and anti-trackers
- use up to 5 content blockers for enhanced privacy

Continue on Windows, Mac and Linux
- continue your browsing experience from Android to Chrome Desktop with a Samsung Cloud account
- see Chrome Web Store at the top

For the latest features try the beta version:
In the News - Update to Samsung Internet Beta protects you from malicious websites
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